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Volunteering at the Wodonga Dog Rescue
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Volunteering at the Wodonga Dog Rescue

Each week David volunteers at the Wodonga Dog Rescue.  He is very keen on interacting with all the animals at the shelter, and every cat or dog that comes in has a sad story to tell. Being abandoned or surrendered means a stay in unfamiliar surroundings leading to stress and anxiety for the animals involved. This is the point where David puts on his Superman vest and goes to work.  His mission - TO MAKE THE ANIMALS SMILE.

David goes around all the cats and dogs checking in on their wellbeing. He holds the cats and the kittens each week helping them get used to people through socialisation. Lots of the interactions are very special to see but more importantly work to help in the calming of the animals involved.

David is always very gentle with them and uses a soft tone to which they respond affectionately, sharing the love springs to mind.  With the pups, David engages with them in a playful manner, and given their energy and exuberance they respond to him positively enjoying the attention and playtime. Each interaction has a positive effect and helps in making their stay that bit easier.

David has built a great reputation for himself through his honest and hardworking attitude to helping all the animals. Shirley at the shelter very much appreciate David’s efforts and is clearly very fond of him.

If this is something you would be interested in, contact us at Aspire and we’ll help you to wear your very own Superman cape!

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