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Positive Behaviour Support

All behaviour is communication and has a meaning. Every person has the right to communicate their needs, participate in meaningful activities and have choice and control over their own life.

Sometimes a person living with a disability might communicate their needs by using behaviours that concern or challenge others. These behaviours can lead to misunderstanding, frustration, a breakdown in relationships and may result in people trying to stop a person’s behaviour through restricting a person from certain activities or choice.

Aspire’s team of Behaviour Support Practitioners work alongside people to develop individualised strategies which help them to live a meaningful and enjoyable life with choice and control over their own lives.

Our Behaviour Support Practitioners are professionally trained therapists who are passionate about supporting people. Our team focus on quality of life outcomes when supporting those who have behaviours that concern or challenge others. We investigate the biopsychosocial vulnerabilities that are behind these behaviours and factors which  maintain them. This information is used to guide the development and implementation of interventions individually designed to emphasise existing strengths, build new skills, reduce systemic barriers, reduce and eliminate the use of restrictive practices and increase meaningful life outcomes for people, their family and supports.

We work in partnership with you and the important people in your life to develop a positive behaviour support plan.  Your plan is developed by your Behaviour Support Practitioner with input from you and the trusted people in your life. It includes strategies to keep you and everyone safe.  It is important that this plan is shared with the people who support you and it is reviewed and updated regularly.

We know that the best support occurs when people understand your needs.  We connect and work alongside all the people who support you and encourage them to assist you to build your skills in communication, making choices and spending time doing what you enjoy.  This includes working closely with any of your other supports and therapists.

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