Aspire’s foundations date back to 1983.  Aspire Support Services was established in 2012 with the merger of Woodstock Support Inc., Kalparrin Inc., and Cooinda Family Support Services.  In July 2013, Community Options Brokerage Service (COBS) also merged with Aspire.

Aspire was formed with a vision of creating a community where people with disabilities and their families are able to achieve their individual goals and live the life they choose.  Aspire strives hard to be person centred and values the working with the people we support and the community that we live in. 

To understand the needs of people with a disability and their families, Aspire continually undertakes a process of community engagement. This allows us to continue to understand what people need and want and develop new services and support the changing needs of people with a disability. 

Aspire values diversity and constant improvement.


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